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You implement your SaaS business logic.
We do everything else

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What you've ever wanted to know about building SaaS, but were afraid to ask

SaaSIdea is the boilerplate or a working template of a SaaS website. You download it, customize, add needed modules and your own code.
First of all, before writing a line of code you have a working wireframe SaaS application. You don't need to think about dealing with authorization, subscriptions, design, logging and many other features. Secondly, the architecture of this wireframe allows you to add any functionality to make a complete finished product.
Well, yes and no. If you want to build all your functionality, definitely, yes, you must be a coder. But if you just have a great idea you can hire coders to embody it in a product. Note: if you hire us, SaaSIdea will be free of charge for you.
Literally speaking, any. It can be a service for map tracking, or analyzing data with a machine learning, or even some people management system. Whatever you can imagine.
Neither hard nor painful. You need to have Python 3 and Node.js installed, as well as set up your PostgreSQL database handy. As soon as you prepare those, you unpack the code, enter your data that you would prefer to keep in a secret as environment variables, run several simple commands, and you've done! The full instruction can be found on our Github page.


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  • All modules
  • Scaffolding
  • Free consulting

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When you buy a product you have an access to all updates during 1 year. After one year, you stay with the version you have at the moment, or buy a new license.

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